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Welcome to the Older People & Ageing Research & Development Network (OPAN Cymru) website. The aims of OPAN Cymru are to improve the lives of older people through the integration of research, policy and practice in Wales. The multi-disciplinary research network links research to practice and policy-making through shared research initiatives, workshops, seminars, conferences and the website. OPAN Cymru facilitates collaborative research projects in order to raise the profile of research into ageing.

It will lead to the development of research and can contribute expertise to other projects that require an older people or ageing dimension. OPAN Cymru is one of over 17 thematic research networks, and eight infrastructure support groups, funded by the National Institute for Health and Social Care Research.

The 17 thematic networks contribute to a formidable research community in the principality and are co-ordinated by the National Institute for Health and Social Care Clinical Research Centre.

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    The services and functions previously provided by the National Institute for Social Care and Health Research have ... Read more

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